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25.03.2012 Black Sea Race 2012. Presentation

Let me introduce youtothe project of the International Round the World Sailing Regatta dedicated to the 500th anniversary of circumnavigation of Magellan which mankind will celebrate in 2019.

The start and finish of the Regatta will be in Odessa, Ukraine.

The author of the project is the yachtmaster Stanislav Tryzna who circumnavigated in 2009-2010 on the sailing yacht “Ivanois”.

The route of the Regatta excludes the artificial basins – Suez and Panama Canals.

Main  ports of call: Odessa (Ukraine) – Istanbul (Turkey) – Cartagena (Spain) - Canary Islands - Cape Verde Islands - Mar del Plata (Argentina) – Puerto Montt (Chile) – Valdivia (Chile) – Marquesas Islands – Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) – Darwin (Australia) – Mauritius – the island of Madagascar – Durban(South Africa) – Cape Town (South Africa) – St Helena – Ascension Island – Cape Verde –Azores – Cartagena (Spain) – Istanbul (Turkey) – Odessa (Ukraine).

The hallmark of the route in comparison with the other round the world regattas will be the part from the city - Mar del Plata (Argentina) to Valdivia (Chile) which will proceed in tourist mode with attendance atthe unique natural complexes of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, the Chilean archipelago and monuments of gone civilizations of the South America..

During the preparation period of the Round the World Regatta the public organization “Magellan 500” will organize the traditional International regatta The Black Sea Race. It consists of long distances between the ports of the countries of the Black Sea basin.

The Black Sea Race has reasons why it should  becomea prestigious International competition attracting the yachtsmen from around the world. Hereiswhy:

  1. The isolation and relatively small size of the Black Sea. There are six countries with different cultures, history and unique exotics on its shores.
  2.  Scarcity of sheltered bays for mooring yachts does not allow the Black Sea countries to invite yachtsmen for day races, as the likes of Greece, Croatia and the south-west Turkey. However, we have the opportunity to attract yachtsmen by the beauty and romance of a relatively long stay in the open sea. At the same time it is not too complicated to organize a high-level reception in the few ports, which will host the starts and finishes of the regatta.
  3. The Black Sea Race partially revives the tradition ofthe "Black Sea Cup" which was popular more than 20 years ago and which had one long passage: Poti-Odessa.
  4. In future The Black Sea Race proposes three legs. The variety of the routes is interestingwith respect to the race tactics. One of the legs proposes the rounding of the Crimea peninsula, the other one is the race on the direct line connecting the ports of the West and East of the Black Sea, the third leg is the coastal race. Forexample, therouteOdessa-Batumi-Constanta-Odessa. The Regatta is proposed for the cruisers and cruiser-racers which have an ocean going capability. The short-distance races do not allow applying this potential. Thus the participation in The Black Sea Race will help the owners to use their boats  to the full capability and enlighten their lives with fascinating trips.


In 2012 year we are presenting the route Odessa-Batumi-Odessa.

Schedule of Regatta


From July 18 moorage in the yacht-club «ODESSA».

July 20 – Skippers’ Meeting, port , customs and border clearance.

July 21– the start of the race Odessa-Batumi.

July 25 – the arrival of the yachts to Batumi is expected.

July 29 or 31 – the start of the race Batumi-Odessa.

Victory ceremony will be held one day after the arrival of the last participant of the Regatta.

After the victory ceremony the yachts can stay in the yacht-club “Odessa” for two days.

We hope to attract the participants for the following reasons:

The interest with respect to the economic and cultural boom in Georgia;

The exotics of Ajara with the hospitality of the locals; 

High level of the services for the yachtsmen;

The availability of the prize fund;

This kind of sailing races have not been held for more than 20 years. At this moment The Black Sea Race is the innovative attractive event in the Black Sea yachting.

Using the International experience of organizing of such regattas theopeningof the Black Sea Race will be held with solemn ceremony inthepresence of mass-media and numerous spectators. The journalists, citizens and guests of the city will take part in the spectacular show of the start from ashore as well as from the pleasure boats.

The public organization “Magellan 500” invites Ukrainian and foreign yachtsmen to take part in the Regatta, as well as government establishment and sponsors in order to ensure that the Black Sea Raceis held at the high International level.

All the necessary information about the terms of the participation can be obtained at the Board of the public organization “Magellan 500”.


Stanislav Tryzna