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10.11.2011 Stanislav Tryzna: “The Height of the Wave Does Not Matter For the Yacht Damage Control”
Stanislav Tryzna: “The Height of the Wave Does Not Matter For the Yacht Damage Control”

 I learnt that I will circumnavigate in a year after my arrival to the Black Sea Yacht Club (Odessa) as a crew member of the yacht “Aiya” in March 1994. During this year I understood that the main point for the safe life under sail in the sea or ocean is the damage control in severe gales. Afterwards due to the offshore passages I discovered numerous various problems concerned seafaring. But in my next articles I would like to deal with those moments when the damage control begins in consequence of the developed waving of the sea surface.


Partly it is narrated in the book “Heavy Weather Sailing” by Adlard Coles. I would say all written there is correct. The special place in all the publications, reports and observations is occupied by wave’s capability to overturn a yacht.


Usually everymen ask about the height of the wave in the storm a yachtsman talking about. I have to say the height of the way does not matter for the yacht’s damage control. A boat can go smoothly along a low-pitched 15-metres wave but can hardly make its way because of 5-metres wave. For yacht the main point is wave steepness ratio.


All my scrupulous observations in offshore sailing beginning with passages in Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and further in Atlantic Ocean are concerned with the shape of emerging wave in different circumstances.


By this introduction I would like to start a number of articles in which I will tell you about my own experience beginning with the first storm in Adriatic Sea up to the most strong gale in roaring forties when the routine schedule on the board of “Ivanois” even has not changed.